Seattle Cat Hotel


For the comfort and security of our guests

All cats must be neutered or spayed.  Please, no cats with any infectious diseases, including distemper, herpes, upper respiratory disease, fleas, or worms. Have your veterinarian fax your current cat’s vaccination records: Rabies and FVRCP vaccine, and Leukemia vaccine for outdoor cats. All cats must also be on a monthly flea and deworming schedule. I will provide you with a questionnaire for you and your cat.  I encourage you to visit where your cat will be staying.

Please bring your cat’s favorite food, treats, and medications.  It is hard on their systems to change food, and familiarity adds to their sense of security.  Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter is provided. I also use NRV Miss Litter Boxes for individual cats. You may bring washable bedding for your pet, but it is not necessary.  Please label everything with a permanent marker with your pet’s first name.  Please be aware that occasionally things get lost, or misplaced, (like the occasional small stuffed mouse under a suite).  I do my best, but I can not be responsible for lost or damaged items.  I encourage you to leave things of great sentimental or monetary value at home.